Term Definition
Esophagus Tube that leads mouth to the stomach and has muscles that contra to push food
Large Intestine Removes extra water from wastes
Liver Makes bile to break down fats, stores sugar, helps body get rid of harmful substances
Pancreas Makes chemicals to break down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats
Helps control amount of sugar in blood
Peristals Squeezing muscle action, pushes food through esophagus
Gall Bladder Organ that produces digestive juices
Saliva Liquid, starts digestion in mouth
Small Intenstine Finishes breaking down food, takes nutrients to bloodstream
Stomach Churns food and mixes it with digestive juices
Villi Finger shaped bumps in small Intenstine that soak up nutrients
Alveoli Tiny sacs in lungs where oxygen enters blood and co2 leaves blood
Bronchi Two tubes that connect trachea to lungs
Diaphragm Sheet of muscle below lungs
Lungs Respiratory organ, moves air in and out of body
Trachea Tube that connects moth and nose with bronchi

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