Question Answer
the surface in each ocean form circular systems of currents gyre
a large volume of water flowing in a certain direction can affect weather and climate ocean current
some currents move along the waters surface and other are example of vertical movement of water toward the oceans surface upwelling
movement of water to the right or left that caused by earths rotation coriolis effect
large volume of water ocean current
surface currents are caused by friction
surface currents move water horizontally
system of circular currents gyre
right or left coriolis effect
vertical movement of water upwards upwelling
vertical movement of water downwards density currents
changes in temp or salinity
ocean are major part of water cycle
the grreat ocean conveyor belt is a model used to explain how ocean currents circulate thermal energy
ocean currents affect whether and climate
an ocean current is large volume of water flowing certain direction TF T
friction generated by wind on water can move can move water to form surface currents TF T
surface currents move water vertically TF F
in each ocean the major surface currents form circular systems of currents called density currents TF F
Earths rotation causes coriolis affect TF T
density currents move water vertically toward surface TF F
An upwelling moves water down TF F
density currents are caused by density changes which are brought on by changes in temp or wind TF F
The oceans are major part of water cycle T
Ocean currents affect weather and climate by redistributing wind energy TF F

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