Question Answer
mining can have a ( ) impact on habitats when it pollutes soil and water negative
the ( ) increase in human population happened in the last few centuries greatest
earth has ( ) amount of resources limited
the human population is about 6.7 ( ) billion
improved health care population increase
carrying capacity is the ( ) number of individuals of a given species that earths resources can support largest
population all members of a species living in a given area
carrying capacity is the largest number of individuals of a given species that earths resources can support and maintain for a long period of time
resource things we need to survive
describe the growth of human population for most human history steady straight line
when did human population reach 1 billion people 1800
how long did it take the human population to double to 2 billion 1900
when did human population begin to increase sharply 1800s
what factors caused the human population increase advances in technology and meds
what might happen to resources if the human population continues to rise use them all
describe how the population of species x changed over time went over carrying capacity and population decreased
what factors might of led to the increase in the population of species x not dying
what is carry capacity amount of resources
what happened to species x when it reached over carryings capacity population lowered
what likely happen to resource availability when species x eached its carrying cappacity didn't have enough to go around
what will happen to species x if they go over carry capacityt again population lowers again
what is population amount of something in a area
what is population explosion sudden increase in population
when did we experince population explosion 1800
why did we experrince population explosion advances in technology

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