Science 6

Question Answer
What is the chemical formula of water? H2O
The tightness across the surface of water is called what? Surface Tension
The combined force of attraction between water molecules and surrounding materials is called what? Capillary Action
What are the three main phases of matter? solid, liquid, gas
What phase is water in when it takes the shape of its container? liquid
What kind of charge does water have? electrical
What phase is water in when it has the most energy? gas
Water molecules packed tightly together and have a definite shape is in what phase? solid
Name the phase change – gas to liquid? condensation
Name the phase change – liquid to gas? evaporation
What is the property of water that causes it to stick to other water molecules? cohesion
When water sticks to other substances adhesion
Water dissolves most substances so it is considered a universal __________. solvent
Name the phase change – solid to liquid? melting
Name the phase change – solid to gas? sublimation
Name the phase change – liquid to solid? freezing
In this phase water molecules flow over and around each other liquid
Water molecules have the least energy in what phases? solid
What are water molecules made up of? Two positive hydrogen atoms and one negative oxygen atom.
Phase changes are a result of the absorption or release of _____________ energy heat

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