Science and the Natural World

Term Definition
Science A way of learning about the natural world through observations and logical reasoning; leads to a body of knowledge.
Observing The process of using one or more of your senses to gather information.
Quantitative Observation An observation that deals with a number or amount.
Qualitative Observation An observation that deals with characteristics that cannot be expressed in numbers.
Inferring The process of making an inference, an interpretation based on observations and prior knowledge.
Predicting The process of forecasting what will happen in the future based on past experiences or evidence.
Classifying The process of grouping together items that are alike in some way.
Evaluating Comparing observations and data to reach a conclusion about them.
Making Models The process of creating representations of complex objects or processes.
Process A series of actions or events.
Pose To put forward a question or a problem.
Evidence Facts, figures, or signs that help prove a statement.

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