Science Chapt. 6, Section 1

Question Answer
The average kinetic energy of the particles of an object is its: (a) heat content (b) temperature. (c) specific heat. (d) thermal energy. b: temperature
If you wanted to know the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 2kilograms of steel by 10C, you need to know steels: (a) temperature (b) thermal energy (c) heat content (d) specific heat d: specific heat
The process by which heat moves from one end of a solid to the other is called: (a) convection (b) conduction (c) radiation (d) insulation. b: conduction
The change of state that occurs when a gas becomes a liquid is called? (a) evaporation (b) boiling (c) freezing (d) condensation d: condensation
Heat engines convert thermal energy to: (a) chemical energy (b) electrical energy (c) mechanical energy (d) radiant energy c: mechanical energy
True or False: Heat transfer by radiation can occur in a vacuum. True. Heat transfer occurs by radiation in a vacuum.
True or False: In order to decrease the amount of thermal energy that moves from one place to another, you would use a conductor. True: A conductor is good at transferring heat.
True or False: When a substance melts, the temperature of the substance increase. True: In order for ice to melt it has to be warmed up
True or False: In an external combustion engine, the fuel is burned inside the cylinder. Hint: "In"ternal or "ex"ternal False: The fuel is burned outside.

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