Science chapter 22

sentence sentence
__________ waves travel through empty space or matter. Electromagnetic
EM waves are produced when _____ _____ and _____ _____ ____ at the same time. Magnetic field, electric field, vibrate
The _______ shows the range of all ___ waves. Electromagnetic spectrum, EM
________ make up the regions on the electromagnetic spectrum Wavelengths.
________ _______ is when two waves combine and they create a ______ amplitude. Destructive Interference. smaller
How much diffraction that occurs depends on the ________ and size of the barrier or opening that it goes around. Wavelength.
______ separates _____ light into different colors. Refraction, white
The mixing of color is called ________ _________. Color Addition
The mixing of pigments is called _______ ________. Color subtraction
For the greatest amount of diffraction to occur the ____ must be the same size or smaller than the wavelength. Barrier.
When _____ light is refracted the amount of light that _____ depends on the lights ________. White, bends, wavelength.
Mixing red green and blue light is called ____ ________. Color addition
The longer the __________ the shorter the _______. Wavelength, frequency.
________ _____ cannot be detected by the human eye because it has a longer _________ than the visible light which is what we can see. Infrared radiation.
The shorter the _________ the higher the ______. Wavelength, Frequency.
A ______ is not a type of ________________ radiation because it is not on the EM spectrum. Photon, electromagnetic.
_ ____ have the shortest wavelength and carry the greatest amount o energy. X rays.
_____ _____, _____ _____, and _____ ______ go through small openings because of diffraction. Water waves, Light waves, sound waves.
The type of surface _____ impact the type of reflection that occurs.. does
A rainbow shows different colors because the water droplets _____ the white light and separates into different wavelengths which creates different colors. Refract.

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