science classification

Term Definition
Taxonomy -the branch of science that groups and names living things
Aristotle -created the first form of taxonomy
How plants were divided -herbs:soft stems
-shrubs: several woody stems
-trees:single, woody, chunky
How animals were divided water dwellers
air dwellers
land dewllers
Carolus -considered the father of Taxonomy
Linnaeus' system -Binomial Nomenclature
What does Binomial Nomenclature mean -two name naming system
Charles Darwin -created the theory of how animals or species can change over time
Evolution -theory that species can gradually change over time
Classification -process of grouping things based on their similarities
Taxonomic Key -tool for identifying organisms that is based on a series of paired statements describing physical characteristics
Binomial Nomenclature -naming system developed by Carolus Linnaeus
Genus -the first part of an organism's scientific name
Species -a group of organisms that can mare and produce fertile offspring
Taxonomy -the scientific study of how things are classified

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