Science Explosion v4, chapter 6

Question Answer
aerial root a root that never touches the soil due to high humidity
annual angiosperm with only one growing season
biennial angiosperm needing two growing season to fully develop
cambium a layer of cells in the vascular bundle that reproduce to make more xylem and phloem
cotyledon tiny seed leaves of the plant embryo
fibrous root primary root stops growing and the plant develops many thin roots that spread out in all directions with a few that branch downward for water and minerals
fiddlehead a fern frond coiled up tightly when growth first begins
frond leafy branch of a fern from rhizome to tip
herbaceous soft and green stems like those of a flower, generally are annual plants
nonvascular plant plants without tubelike structures
perennial angiosperms that live for three or more years
phloem tubes that carry sugars and food throughout the plant
primary root first root that emerges from the seed
rhizoid thin, root-like structure of moss (not true root)
rhizomes underground stems
taproot a root that continues to grow from primary root straight down into the soil and may have secondary roots branching off it
vascular plant plants with tubelike structures that transport water from the roots to the stem and leaves
xylem tubes that carry water and minerals from the roots to the top of the plant

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