science flashcard terms

Term Definition
homologous chromosomes members of a chromosome pair
chromatin the mixture of DNA and protein that makes up a chromosome
centromere the point where the sister chromatids are attached
genetic engineering the process in which genes or parts of DNA, are transferred from one organism to another
heredity the passing of traits from parents to offspring
recombinant DNA a DNA molecule formed by combining pieces of DNA from more than one species
clone a group of genetically identical cells that usually contains identical recombinant DNA molecules
GMO a living thing whose DNA has been altered by the addition or deletion of genes
nucleotide the combination of a nitrogen base, sugar, and phosphate molecules that form a subunit of the DNA chain
inbreeding the mating of closely related individuals
RNA a nucleic acid made up of nucleotides that contain ribose as the sugar rather that the deoxyribose found in DNA
plasmids small loops of DNA that exist in bacteria along with the typical long strands of chromosomal DNA
genome all of the genetic material of an organism
replication the process in which DNA molecules make exact duplicates
recessive trait the weaker of the two traits, written as a lowercase letter
purebred bred from parents of the same breed or variety
transgenic of, relating to, or containing a gene or genes transferred from another species:

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