science flashcards

Term Definition
Predator animal who catches prey
prey an animal hunted by another animal for food
biosphere all different biomes each blending into each other with all living things
climate the average weather pattern
community includes all populations in a specific area at a give time; includes populations of organisms of different species
population a group of species that live in a specific geographic area at a given time
species individual organisms that don't breed with individuals from other groups
ecosystems consists of all the organisms living in one area as well as the nonliving parts of that environment
biome a set of ecosystems in a geographic area
niche how a particular species that includes what the species eats as well at what the species
adaptation change in an organism that helps survive or reproduce in its environment
succession the result of life functions of plants and animals
symbiosis a relationship between two kinds of organisms that last over time
water cycle when water circulates between the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere
carbon cycle a element; doesn't stay in one place always moves around
nitrogen fixation certain types of bacteria are able to use free nitrogen air to make nitrogen compounds through a process
nitrogen cycle atmosphere
2. nitrogen enters the soil
3. animals eats plants
4. decomposers release nitrogen into the air
5. bacteria change nitrogen into nitrates
6. plants use nitrates
competition the struggle among organisms for resources in an ecosystem

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