Science Grade 6 Science Vocab

Science Terms Science Definition
Mechanical Energy The form associated with the motion, position, or shape of an object.
Sound Energy Is the disturbance that travels through a medium as a wave.
Nuclear energy is stored in the nucleus of an atom.
Thermal Energy The total kinetic and potential energy of the particles in an object.
Electrical Energy The energy of an electric charge.
Electromagnetic Energy Is the form of energy that travels through space in waves.
Chemical Energy Chemical energy is potential energy stored in chemical bonds.
What are two types of Nuclear energy's Nuclear fusion, Nuclear fission
What does Nuclear Fusion mean Is when Nucleus split
What does Nuclear Fission mean Is when the nuclei of atoms join together
What are some examples of Chemical Energy In foods you eat, in the matches you use to light a candle, and even in the cells of your body.
What are some examples of Electromagnetic Energy Microwaves, Ultraviolet rays, ratio waves, and cell phones.
What are some examples of Electrical Energy Lighting, and electrical energy from batteries or electrical lines to run devices.
What are some examples of Thermal Energy Heat, and weather.
What are some examples of Mechanical Energy Motion, position, and shape of an object
The formula of Mechanical Energy is Mechanical energy = Potential energy + Kinetic energy
What energy does thermal energy have in it Kinetic and Potential energy

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