Science Junior Cert

Question Answer
Sound is a form of ________ Energy
Sound is caused by what? Vibrations
What does sound need in order to travel Medium
To demonstrate that sound cannot travel without a medium what instrument would you place in a large sealed bell jar Alarm clock
When the air is extracted from a bell jar with a ringing alarm clock, what happens You cant hear it
What do you call a sound that bounces off an object Echo
What do you call sound waves that have frequencies too high for humans to hear Ultrasound
Name an application of ultrasound To get image of baby in womb or on fishing vessels
What travels faster, light or sound Light (340m/s)
What happens first, thunder or lightning Lightning
What should workers do in a noisy work environment Wear ear protection
How would you measure sound Sound level meter
What is the unit of sound Decibel dB
What level of sound could damage hearing if exposed to it on a regular basis 85dB
What is the lowest level of sound that can be heard called Threshold of hearing

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