Science Mid-Term - Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids Topics

The periodic table. An organized list of elements.
What do scientists use to classify elements?
– Metals
– Nonmetals
– Metalloids
What are the 3 main groups of elements?
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Science Mid-Term – Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids Topics
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– Location of each element is based on its properties.
– They are grouped into metals, nonmetals, and metalloids
How does the periodic table group the elements?
– On the left and lower side side
Where are metals on the periodic table?
– Upper-right side
– exception is hydrogen, it is on the top left
Where are nonmetals on the periodic table?
– They are the diagonal line that separates the metals and nonmetals
Where are metalloids on the periodic table?
– Luster: Most are shiny. Ex: aluminum cans, silver, and gold

– Malleability: Many metals can be molded or stretched into sheets when heated. Most are ductile which means they can be pulled into wires.

– Conductivity: Heat and electricity flow easily through most metals (they are conductors). Use metals for cookware because heat can transfer through the pan to cook the food.

What are the physical properties of metals?
-Luster: Usually dull in appearance.

– Malleability: Usually more brittle than metals. They cannot be molded or stretched. If dropped or hit with a hammer it will break. Many are gases at room temperature

-Conductivity: Nonmetals do not allow either heat or electricity to flow through them easily. (they are insulators). Air is a mixture of nonmetal gases. For this reason air pockets are built into jackets and other objects that are intended to keep people warm.

What are the physical properties of nonmetals?
-Luster: Can either be shiny or dull

-Malleability: Can be malleable (stretched/molded) or ductile (pulled into wires) like metals or brittle like nonmetals

-Conductivity: They have intermediate heat and electrical conductivity. They do not conduct as effectively as metals, but they are not insulators like nonmetals.

What are the physical properties of metalloids?
– It is a type of material that conducts electricity, but not as well as metal. The amount of electricity that passes through can be controlled better in a semiconductor.

– Because electricity can be controlled better, they are used in a lot of electronics. Used to make computer chips.

What are semiconductors and what are they used for?
Silicon is the most common element used.
What is the most often used metalloid to make semiconductors?

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