Science Oceans

Question Answer
Salinity A measure of the amount of dissolved salt in a given amount of liquid.
Thermocline A layer in a body of water in which water temperature drops with increased depth faster than it does other layers.
Pack Ice A floating later of sea ice that completely covers an area of the ocean surface.
Density The ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume of the substance
What are the three main dissolved gases found in ocean water? N2, O2, CO2
What are the four ways that gases can enter ocean water? 1. Streams and Rivers
2, Underwater volcanoes
3. From the atmosphere
given off by marine organisms
What is the relationship between water temperature and the amount of dissolved gases it contains? Colder water contains more dissolved gases
What is the relationship between the temperature and density of ocean water? Colder water is more dense
What are the two factors that change the salinity of ocean water? Precipitation and evaporation.

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