Science test

Term Definition
Water Cycle -repeated movement of water through the environment in different forms
Evaporation -changing of liquid to gas
Condensation -process in which gas turns to liquid
Precipitation -water that falls from clouds as rain/snow/sleet/hail
Hydrosphere -all waters of Earth
Reservoir -storage area, usually for water
Weather -state of atmosphere
Barometric Pressure -pushing force of atmosphere
Humidity -amount of water vapor in air
Circulation -movement of air that redistributes heat on Earth.
Sleet -frozen raindrops
Hail -frozen precipitation that forms in layers
Climate -average of weather conditions over a long time.
Latitude -measure of how far a place is from the equator.
Elevation -height above sea level
-effects climate of an area = higher land cooler because lower part of atmosphere temperature decreases with increased elevation.

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