science test about the ocean floor

Question Answer
The amount of dissolved salts in ocean water Salinity
Cause of ocean currents winds and water density
the most common source of energy for surface waves wind
the deepest parts of the ocean are these long, narrow crevices trenches
the gulf stream a long distance surface current
tides are mainly the result of the gravitational pull of… moon
the shallow and relatively flat part of the ocean floor where marine life flourishes continental shelf
the Earth's deepest ocean Pacific Ocean
the deepest spot known on Earth …. Mariana Trench
the percent of the Earth covered by water 71%
a scientist who studies the ocean is an …. oceanographer
plantlike organisms that float on or near the ocean's surface are called… phytoplankton
ocean trenches are… very deep
the continental shelf is… relatively shallow
the beach where you swim and play is part of the… continental shelf
the salinity of ocean water depends on …. rates of evaporation and runoff from nearby land
the makeup of ocean water a complex mixture of gases (air) and dissolved solids (salts, especially sodium chloride)
underwater mountain ranges… mid-ocean ridges
the ocean floor near the continents (continental shelf, slope, and rise) is made of… think layers of sediment (sand, mud, and rocks)
a device that uses sound to map the ocean floor… sonar
motions of the oceans…. waves, currents, and tides
ocean water can have different densities due to… salinity and temperature differences
producers of much of the Earth's oxygen…. phytoplankton
as the depth of the ocean increases… water pressure increases and the amount of light decreases
the shoreline, where the land meets the ocean, is part of the… continental shelf
True or False: the shallow water of the continental shelf is teeming with life true
the steep slope at the edge of the continental shelf is… the continental slope
the deepest parts of the ocean are… ocean trenches
ocean trenches are deep… deep canyons
the wide, deep and flat mid-ocean bottom is the… abyssal plain
underwater mountain ranges are called… mid-ocean ridges
True of False: marine organisms are dependent on the dissolved gases in the ocean for survival True
ocean currents are caused by… wind patterns, differences in water density caused by differences in water temperatures and salinity
oceans flow like rivers in well defined circular patterns called… currents
the variation in water density and wind patterns cause ocean currents. colder water is likely to be (less/more) dense than warmer water. Water with (higher/lower) salinity is likely to be denser. more / lower
The Gulf Stream is one of the Earth's strongest currents. It moves north from the tropics through the Gulf of Mexico, past the east coast of the US and up to northern Europe. As a result, Europe is… warmer than Canada at the same latitude
the most important organisms of the ocean ecosystem are… phytoplankton
phytoplankton are plantlike producers that get their energy… from the sun
all ocean life depends on _____ which form the base of the ocean food web phytoplankton
most (90%) of marine organisms live in the abyssal zone
fishing line discarded in the ocean can… cut and kill sea creatures
salt in the ocean comes from… the weathering of rocks and minerals
a ____ is a river-like movement of water within a larger body of water current
what always increases as the ocean depth increases? pressure
what decreases as ocean depth decreases? temperature
what geological feature is crated by living organisms? coral reef
coral reefs, salt marshes, and estuaries are all… marine habitat
phytoplankton are… plant-like plankton that get their energy from the sun
the term "marine" in marine habitat, refers to… salt water habitats

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