Science Vocabulary

Term Definition
Birth Rate The number of births in a population in a certain amount of time
Death Rate The number of deaths in a population in a certain amount of time
Immigration Moving into a population
Emigration Leaving a population
Niche The role of an organism in its habitat or how it makes its living
Symbiosis A close relationship between two species that benefits at least one of the species
Commensalism a relationship between two species in which one species benefits and the other is neither helped nor harmed
Limiting Factor An environment factor that causes a population to decrease
Carrying Capacity The largest population that an area can support
Natural Selection A process by which characteristics that make an individual better suited to its environment become more common in a species
Adaptations A behavior or physical characteristic that allows an organism to live successfully in its environment
Competition The struggle between organisms to survive as they attempt to use the same limited resource
Mutualism A relationship between two species in which both species benefits
Parasitism a relationship in which one organism lives on or in a host and harms it

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