Science Vocabulary #5

Term Definition
Current a flow of air or water in a certain direction
Jet Stream an air current in the upper atmosphere that flows from the west to the east
Gulf Stream a warm ocean current in the Atlantic Ocean; it flows northeast along the eastern coast of the United States
El Nino an unusual warming of the surface water in the eastern Pacific Ocean near the equator
La Nina an unusual cooling of the same water
Trade Wind a wind that blows toward the equator; it blows from east to west
Sea Breeze during the day,the air over land heats quickly, while the water stays cooler, as the air above the land heats, it begins to rise. The cool air from the water moves toward the land to replace the rising warm air.
Land Breeze at night, this occurs near the ocean. The air above the land cools down fast and the air above water stays warm. The air above the ocean rises and pulls the cool air from the land.
Valley Breeze during the day, the sun heats the valley air quickly. The warm air rises and moves up the mountain.
Mountain Breeze at night, the mountain air cools faster than the valley. The cool air sinks down the mountain causing the wind to move in the opposite direction.

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