Science Week Investigation 3 at Woodsdale

Term Definition
leaf vein the branching network of tiny raised lines on the underside of a leaf.
palmate describing a leaf in which several veins start at one point near the base. The veins look like the fingers of a hand.
parallel describing a leaf in which the veins are straight lines all running in the same direction.
phloem the long cells through which nutrients, such as sugars, are distributed in a plant.
cell the basic unit of life.
classify to identify and organize according to similar properties or other criteria.
sap a sugar-rich liquid transported by the phloem.
transpiration the process in which water is removed from the cells and passes into the environment.
vascular bundle the group of xylem tubes and phloem tubes in a vascular plant.
vascular system keeps fluids moving throughout the entire system, maintaining a moist (aquatic) environment for all cells.
xylem the hollow cells of a plant that transport water and minerals to plant cells.

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