Science words

Question Answer
bouyancy an upward force acting on all objects in fluids whether they are floating or submerged
balance/pan balance a device for determining mass of an object by suspending from opposite ends of a horizontal bar
flower the reproductive structure of some seed-bearing plants, characteristically having either specialized male or female organs or both male and female and femal organs, such as stamens and a pistil
float when an object that is less dense than the liquids it is able to overcome the force of gravitiy
food web the flow of energy and materials through food chains that are connected
granduated cylinder measuring cylinder of mixing cylinder is a common piece of laboratory equipment
consumer any living things that get their food by eating other animals
chemical energy energy that results from a chemical change
food chain a series of organisms that are fed upon by larger organisms that in turn are fed upon by still larger ones
inclined plane a kind of simple machine. a slanted surface that makes it easier to move an object to a higher place
liter a metric unit of volume equal to 1,000 cubic centimeters or 1,000 millimeters
lever a kind of simple machine. a bar or rod resting on a turning point of fulcrum
mammals an animal that has hair and feeds its young with mothers milk
kilogram a unit for measuring mass. the bass unit of mass in the international metric system , equal to 1,000 grams
offspring a baby animal or the product of reproduction
stem the main support of a tree, shrub, or other plant extending above the ground and bearing the leaves, flowers, etc
photosynthesis the way in which green plants trap the suns energy using it to change carbon dioxide and water into sugar. this is how plants make there own food
pully a kind of simple machine. a wheel that can rotate around a shaft generally with a rope moving around it
roots an underwater ground part of a plant. roots serve to anchor the plant and absorb water and minerals from the soil
leaves plant organs primarily adapted for photosynthesis

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