Scientific Inquiry/Scientific Method Vocabulary

Term Definition
hypothesis an educated guess, must be measurable and testable, and it is written as an If…. Then statement
manipulated variable the variable the scientists changes in an experiment: for example, the color of the Tootsie Pop
responding variable the variable that is measured during an experiment: for example, the number of licks it takes to reach the chocolate in a Tootsie Pop
question the problem you are trying to solve
controlled experiment an experiment in which the scientists changes 1 variable
data information gathered during an experiment: facts, numbers, measurements, figures
conclusion does the data support or not support your hypothesis
controlled variables variables that the scientists keeps the same during the experiment: for example, the size of the Tootsie Pop
procedure list of instruction or steps to follow during an experiment
materials list of equipment and supplies you need for an experiment
observations using your 5 senses to gather information

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