Scientific Method / Graphing

Question Answer
What are the Scientific Method Steps 1) Question
2) Hypothesis
3) Experiment
4) Experimental Results
5) Conclusion
What is a Theory A hypothesis that is supported by many separate observations and investigations over a long period of time
What two things must an experiment have to be considered valid Repeatable & Yield similar results when repeated
What is Independent Variable The condition that is being tested, or the condition that the scientist can change
What is Dependent Variable The condition that "depends" on the change, or condition that is being measured
Data can be organized in what forms Tables, Charts, graphs, diagrams, or in verbal or written form.
What type of graph best show relationships between two variables? Line Graphs
An effective way to compare data Bar Graphs
All graphs must contain a Title
Graphing is often used to represent data in a way that is Easier to analyze & understand
On a line graph you should put the Dependent Variable on what axis Y
On a line graph you should put the Independent Variable on what axis X

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