Scientific Method - Science Inquiry

Term Definition
Step #6 – Draw Conclusions Write a statement that compares the hypothesis to the data
What questions do you have now?
Step #5 – Collect and Analyze Data Results can be recorded in many different ways (tables, graphs, lists)

See if your data fits your hypothesis

Step #4 – Test the Hypothesis Design an experiment

Perform the experiment carefully

Researching Reading and Experimenting
Data Graphs, tables, charts and other info recorded during an experiment

Step #3 – Form a Hypothesis

Make an educated guess

Use "if…then" statement

Step #2 – Gather Information Information may come from previous experiences or research
Ask others for advice
Observing Using your 5 senses to gather information
Modeling When you use a copy of what you are studying to help explain it.
Step #1 – State the Problem State the problem or ask a question you have
What do you want to know?
Scientific Method Model or guide used to gather information and solve problems
Hypothesis Problem which the lab activity is designed to solve; Suggested solution to a problem; educated guess
Independent Variable the one factor that a scientist changes during an experiment, also called the manipulated variable
Dependent variable the factor that changes as a result of changes to the independent variable in an experiment; also called responding variable
Controlled Variables/Constants All the factors or conditions that must be kept the same in an experiment

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