Scientific Method Vocabulary

Term Definition
Scientific Method A process to solve problems scientifically.
Observation a comment based on something that has been seen, heard, or noticed.
Research the study of sources in order to gain knowledge.
Hypothesis a prediction in the form of a statement.
Experiment an investigation that tests a hypothesis.
Data information collected during an investigation.
Analyze to discover or reveal something through examination.
Conclusion the acceptance or rejection of a hypothesis.
Control Group the group in an experiment that is not being tested, it is what the experimental group is compared to.
Qualitatative Observation descriptive information gathered from your 5 senses
Quantitative Observation factual information that is measurable with standard measuring tools (rulers, scales, timer, etc)
Procedure the detailed steps that explain how to do something
Outcome the results of an experiment
Variable a part of an experiment that can be changed
Independent Variable the variable in an experiment that the scientist manipulates or changes.
Dependent Variable the variable in the experiment that is the result of the changed variable.
Experimental Group the group in an experiment that has the change made by the scientist.
Constants the factors or parts of the experiment that stay the same in all groups.

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