Scientific research on animals should be banned Essay

Currently, it is a fact that a number of scientific studies choose animals to test experimental consequences. However, whether animals should be treated as experimental subjects has sparked controversy. Experimentation on animals is a cruel way which have to cost lives, nevertheless it also plays an indispensable role in science studies. Personally, I would argue that animal experiments, at least so far, cannot be replaced completely on the road of social progression.

Clearly, all the people advocate for modes of treating animals that are more ethical and humane, but banning animal experiments altogether, in the present conditions f the development of human sciences, seems to be unlikely. Medical and physiological research is based on animal experiments. For instance, research of newly developed drugs through computer analysis is unreliable, medical effect should be tested and verified in living organisms. Obviously, animals would be the best choice to complete these experiments compare to the human race.

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Scientific research on animals should be banned Essay
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Furthermore, the great majority of animals’ lifespan is apparently shorter than man. As a result, there are no alternatives for experimentation on animals in some research fields. 99% genes of chimpanzees is similar to human beings’ and some animals share the ame basic physiology with humans. They could be a good guide to demonstrate the function or procedure of various medicines instead of humans. Moreover, not only humanity would benefit from these experiments, but animals would be the beneficiary of them.

In other words, some new animal diseases can be cured by animal testing. Granted, animals treatment as passive laboratorial resources is brutal. For example, in order to satisfy some experimental requirements, it is necessary to conduct animal vivisection without using anaesthetic which will avoid animals pain, fear and loneliness. Besides, most experiments that are done on animals are effective in themselves but invalid in humans. Having said this, however, technological innovations and advances cannot stop.

To balance this kind of situation, researchers would be well-advised to alleviate the suffering and pressure of animals and minimizing the use amount of them during experimental process. On balance, people should be clearly aware of the fact that animal experiments play a dominant role in the advancement of science. It is not realistic that scientific research on animals is strictly prohibited. Scientific research on animals should be banned By Jennifer543


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