Scientific Terms - Test -

Question Answer
Problem The question a scientist asks
Hypothesis An educated guess about the outcome in a controlled study
Manipulated(change) Variable
(Independent Variable)
The "one" Variable that changes in a controlled study
Dependent Variable What is being measured in the controlled study.
Controlled(constant) Variables The variables that remain exactly the same in a controlled study. There should be many of these variables.
Procedure The steps listing the process of conducting a controlled study
Materials The objects/resources needed to conduct a controlled study.
Observations The "results" or "measurements" that can be witnessed using the senses(eyes, ears, smell, taste, hearing)
Data The information that can be gathered in a controlled study
Conclusion The final thoughts of a controlled study. It answers the Hypothesis
Further Study Additional research or additional studies that can be performed that have a connection to the controlled study that was just completed.
The Scientific Method Five Steps
Step 1: Problem State the problem and develop a hypothesis
Step 2: Plan Plan the experiment by developing a procedure.
Step 3: Data Gather data from the experiment.
Step 4: Organize Organize your data using tables, charts, and graphs.
Step 5: Analyze and conclusion Analyze the data and draw conclusions from the data
To measure distance the unit is? a Meter – M
To measure mass(weight) the unit is? a Gram – g
To measure volume(how much) of a liquid there is? a Liter – L
A Meter is used to measure the size of your (room, toe) A meter(m) is used to measure something the size of your room. From here to Lake George would be measured in kilo-meters
A millimeter is used to measure the size of (your finger name, your room)? A millimeter(mm) is used to measure small objects like the "thickness" of your finger nail. The length of a pencil is a centimeter(cm)
A gram is used for the weight of an elephant or a fruit snack? Fruit Snack. grams(g) are very small. Kilo-grams(kg) would be used to weigh an elephant
Solve Metric Conversion using Ladder See back of study guide.
To move to the left you divide each group by 10. <—–
To move to the right you multiply by 10. ——->
Kilo, Hecto, Deca Meter, Deci, Centi, Milli
1,000 100 10 1 .1 .01 .001
Kilo, hector, dec, meter, deci, centi, milli

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