Scope and Delimitation Essay

Scope and Delimitation Scope In our payroll system the master file records contains the employee management which the HR could add, edit or delete them. The employee profile contains the area and department they are assigned to. Those area and department can only be added by the admin of the system. The admin could also edit and delete the area and department. In our payroll processing the deductions that are automated are the SSS, Phil-Health and Pag-ibig and Loan related deductions. Benefits will be automated if their DTR is available if not then the HR would have to encode them manually.

In the loan management system, the HR can add a new loan to an employee and the type of loan the employee would take. The date the loan should be fully paid will be automated and for each payment the loan will be deducted. If the employee could not pay the loan in a specific month then the loan management system will automatically increment the date the employee has to fully pay the loan. In our reports we have chosen the following reports: ITW Listing, SSS Report, Phil-Health Report, Pag-ibig report, monthly and yearly payroll reports, loan report and employee reports.

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Scope and Delimitation Essay
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Delimitation The HR is limited only to employee manage, using the payroll processing option, use the loan management system and prints reports. The admin can add user logins, view logs of the HR and manage the area and department. Regular employees could not use the system or ask the HR about their salary. They should go to the computer which the ESS is implemented to view their salary and how their salary was computed. As for the payroll system we are only focusing on the payroll side and there are no accounting related features in our system.


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