Sealed Air Case Study Sample Essay

To the inquiry of whether Sealed Air should come in the uncoated bubble market. there are two possible consequences:

If Sealed Air was to set uncoated bubble merchandises into production. the gross revenues might non be really hearty because of the already crowded market of uncoated bubble merchandises. The competition is ferocious. and the many the consumers can non state the differences on quality. nor do they really do the cost-savings mathematics. Price is their precedence. so if Sealed Air’s uncoated bubble merchandises are non cheaper than its competitors’ . so come ining this market would be a waste of money and human resources. Not to advert that the selling cost for the new merchandise line is evidently non traveling to be a little amount if they want to crush the rivals. On the other manus Sealed Air can non decrease the attempt on selling for the coated bubble merchandises. because they would hold to explicate to the public why they should purchase the expensive merchandises if Sealed Air’s less expensive uncoated bubble merchandises are every bit good as advertised.

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Sealed Air Case Study Sample Essay
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If Sealed Air doesn’t enter the uncoated bubble merchandise market. and alternatively utilize the money on research to happen some manner to cut down the cost of their coated merchandises and foam-in-place packaging and other merchandises. this can besides be a manner of increasing gross revenues and raising net incomes.

A prima company does non hold to be present in every merchandise class to guarantee their grosss. Harmonizing to given informations. the biggest section in the US protective packaging market is positioning. barricading. and poising. and air cellular packaging is largely used for flexible wrap and nothingness fill. Sealed Air’s foam-in-place packaging is the fasted turning subscriber to the company’s net gross revenues. it is necessary to take into history whether the money used to develop their uncoated bubble merchandise line will be able to bring forth more net income than if it was used to beef up the company’s bing merchandise lines.

The US consumers value the cost-saving consequence of packaging merchandises much more than their equals in England. France. Germany and other European states. It is likely better to handle these two markets individually. Uncoated bubble merchandises need to be pushed in the European market. coated bubble merchandises should stay the company’s chief focal point. since the products’ monetary value can potentially be lowered and this would guarantee Sealed Air’s taking place in the packaging market in the long tally.


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