Seaman Protists and Fungi

Question Answer
Which cells contain chloroplasts? Plant cells
What can fungi not do for themselves? make food
What causes malaria? protazoans
What do lichens do? create soil for plants to grow, and break down rocks
What can fungi be used for? treating diseases
What do fungi not have to support them? roots
What is an organism classified by: appearance, function
Name different types of fungi sac, club, zygote
What type of fungus are mushrooms? club fungus
What is algae used for? food additives, it is an ingredient in lotion and shelter
Name 2 characteristics of protists? they are eukaryotic and have a nucleus
How do fungi help the ecosystem? they are decomposers
What are fungi used for? decomposing things, to flavor cheese, and help produce anti-biotics
What is hyphae? the individual filaments that help make up the body of a fungus
What is cilia? the short hairlike organelles that grow on the surface of protists
Name the 3 groups that protists are divided into. how they reproduce, how they make food, and characteristics that are shared
What do lichens do for the environment? they help recycle nutrients into the environment.
What things are connected to imperfect fungi? thrush, penicillin, athlete's foot
What are the threadlike tubes that make up a fungus? hyphae
What is a mycelium? a mass of tangled and interweaved hyphae
Protozoans are all knows as this? consumers
Who uses a pseudopod to move through the environment? amoebas
What are the reproductive structures of fungi? basidium, ascus, and zygosporangia
What consists of a fungus and a photsynthetic partner in a relationship? lichen
What is an amoeba? a protozoan that moves using pseudopods
What is a flagellum? a long thin whiplike structure that helps a cell move
What is the brown algae that is a major food source for fish? kelp

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