Secrets to a Knockout Business Presentation Essay

August 6, 2010 GEN 105 Instructor: Gilat Ben-Dor Checkpoint: Reading Comprehension Due Day 5 8 Secrets to a Knockout Business Presentation Summary main points from the reading: – do the unexpected – look for sources on educational web sites, do interviews or ask the business press – do not mention interesting information in PowerPoint slides, only key points – Practice speech with body language before the presentation and look for own ticks – do not make any jokes – use powerful props make the audience to the main character and solve problems with them – explain terms and acronyms – slides are there to highlight key words – not the PowerPoint presentation itself runs the presentation My approach to reading the selection was to be able to repeat the most important information to myself and to know what the text I read was. I read it in a speed that was right for me to understand the content. I minimized distractions by choosing a good time during the day while mychildren were asleep and the whole house was quiet.

I read the selected text in the morning about (8:00 a. m. ). I made sure that the phone was off, the television was off, and there was no noise. But I liked to read the text because I was able to learn something new and the text was interesting. When I was reading the selected text, I employed three out of the four reading purposes. I read as fast as I could and still be able to retain the information given in the text.

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Secrets to a Knockout Business Presentation Essay
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The information I got from the text will also be useful for preparing my final project, a PowerPoint presentation in which I will apply the information. In conclusion, by reading to understand, and rereading helped me to understand that when you do a Business Presentation, you have to make sure that you make it interesting for the audience. You also have to make it in an concept where the people will take the information that they have learned and apply it to certain principles.


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