Section 1 Characteristics of the Atmosphere

Question Answer
What are the 3 physical states of water in the atmosphere? water droplets (liquid), snow and ice crystals (solid), and water vapor (gas).
How is the atmosphere held around the earth? By gravity.
Where is air pressure the strongest? At the earth's surface.
As altitude increases, air pressure ______________. Decreases.
Which layer of the atmosphere is closed to the earth, is the densest layer containing 90% of the atmosphere's total mass, and almost all of the water vapor, clouds, pollution, weather and life forms exist here? Troposphere.
Which layer of the atmosphere are layered, air is thin, contains little moisture, and the ozone layer is found here? Stratosphere
The __________________________ protects life on Earth by absorbing harmful ultraviolet rays and warming . Ozone layer.
Which layer is considered the middle layer of the atmosphere and is the coldest layer? Mesosphere.
Which layer is the uppermost atmospheric layer with hot temperatures but does not feel hot? Thermosphere.
What are electrically charged particles called? Ions.
Ions are found in the ionosphere. Where is the ionosphere located? Thermosphere.

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