Section 2

Question Answer
Water exerts fluid pressure on all sides of an object
Pressure exerted horizontally on one side of an object is equal to the pressure exerted on the opposite side
Buoyant force is not affected by weight
An object in fluid will sink if its weight is greater than the buoyant force
Ice cube floats on water because it is less dense than water
Balloon floats with helium because helium has one-seventh the density of air
Secret of how a ship floats is its shape
Hollow shape increases volume of the ship
(changing mass) Submarines have ballast tanks that can be opened to allow sea water to flow in
Three methods to change the overall density of an object Change shape, change mass, change volume
Changing volume – bony fishes have an organ called a swim bladder (inflated swim bladder increases fishes volume) that is filled with gasses produced in the blood

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