Section 2 Atmospheric Heating

Question Answer
Most thermal energy in the atmosphere is transferred by this? Convection.
Types of Atmospheric Heating? Thermal Conduction, Convection, Radiation
Warm air ______________ and cool air ________________ rises because less dense , sinks because more dense..
What is the cycle of warm air rising and cool air sinking causing a circular movement of air? Convection Current.
What percentage of the radiation that enters Earth's atmosphere is absorbed by clouds and by the Earth's surface? 70%
This has often been described as a warm blanket because warmth is trapped on earth? Greenhouse Effect.
For Earth to remain livable, the amount of energy received from the sun and amount of energy returned to space must be approximately equal. This balance is known as what? Radiation Balance.
What is a gradual increase in average global temperatures? Global Warming.
What causes global warming? Burning Fossil Fuels and Deforestation.

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