Section 3

Question Answer
The greater the pressure difference, the faster the wind moves. True
What causes differences in air pressure? The unequal heating of the earth.
What happens with air at the equator? Equator area receives more direct solar energy than other latitudes. Warmer, less dense, and rises, low pressure. Rises and flows toward the poles.
What happens with air at the poles? Air is colder, dense, sinks, and high pressure. Then this cold air flows toward the equator.
Wind moves in one huge circular pattern from the poles to the equator. True.
Because of the Coriolis Effect , winds in the Northern Hemisphere travel north curve to the ______________. East.
Because of the Coriolis Effect, winds in the Southern Hemisphere travel south curve to the ______________. West.
Who are jet streams important to? Pilots and Meteorologists in tracking storms.

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