Sectionalism 1820-1860 Essay

The South ? low immigration, huge income disparity, replicated Medieval Europe
A.Cotton Kingdom ? 1788 ? South dying, overworked land, unmarketable products
a.Slavery increased ? Eli Whitney ? Cotton Gin
i.Increased labor also improved Northern shipping industry
b.? cotton in world from the South, England 75% from South
i.England economy depended on Southern cotton
B.Planter Aristocracy ? ?cottonocracy? ? oligarchy ? few control many
a.Biggest planters controlled social, political, economic life
b.Received finest education ? statesmen who served public
i.Public education suffers
c.Women bought into system ? controlled households
C.Poor whites ? accepted system, dream of moving up, needed racial superiority
D.Scotch Irish ? Appalachian Mountains ? ?white trash? ? civilization ignored
E.Nature of Slavery
a.One 20th century view ? slavery ending, owners paternalistic, blacks naturally inferior ? need to be taken care of
1.Not true ? economically still expanding, not dying
2.1954 Slavery compares to concentration camps
3.Paternalistic ? selfish method just to get more labor
4.Slaves fake ?Sambo? laziness as method of coping/rebel
b.Black women must balance as white caregiver, laborer, family anchor
The North ? industry, manufacturing, heavy immigration ? urbanized
A. Immigration ? 95% came to the North
a. Irish ? NY/Boston ? low skilled labor ? left due to potato famine
b. German ? left due to crop failures, democracy failure of 1848 revolution
1. Midwest ? contributed – gave US literature, kindergarten, Xmas tree
The West ? young attracted, adventurous opportunities ? life actually sucks
A.Gradually destroyed land ? overworked, just moved on ? pushed out Indians, animals
B.Frontier ? belief that you can always start out fresh out West
C.More equality for women, supply and demand, they can leave if not treated properly
D.Squatters ? simply move to land, build house, claim property ? hard to kick off

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