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What two things affect an increase in humidity? 1. Increase of water vapor in the air due to evaporations, and
2. Increase in temperature helps increase humidity.
What is the percentage of relative humidity if the air is saturated? 100%
Relative humidity is expressed as a _________________ Percentage
When does condensation occur? Air has to be saturated with a relative humidity of 100%.
How are clouds formed? Through the process of condensation. Warm air rises and cools into droplets. These droplets attach to dust particles. Droplets, dust particles, and ice crystals combine to form clouds.
Three types of Clouds. Cumulus
What does nimbus or nimbo attached to a cloud name indicate? Some type of precipitation.
How are clouds classified? By altitude and temp formation
What are the terms used to classify clouds based on altitude? Low, Middle (alto), and High (Cirro)
What is the name for white puffy clouds that are high in the sky? Cirrocumulus.
Four types of precipitation. rain
Most common type of precipitation Rain
What type of precipitation is freezing rain? Sleet.
What type of precipitation is vapor that turns into ice? Snow.
What falls from the sky as chunks of ice? Hail.
How are air masses represented on maps? Two letter symbol where the first lower case letter represent moisture content and second upper case letter represents temperature.
What are the four air masses? Maritime Tropical
Maritime Polar
Continental Tropical
Continental Polar
Parts or Descriptions of Maritime Tropical Air Masses. Forms over Water (Gulf of Mexico/Atlantic Ocean)
Low Pressure
Parts or Descriptions of Maritime Polar Air Masses. Forms over Water (N. Pacific Ocean)
High Pressure
Parts or Descriptions of Continental Tropical Air Masses. Forms over Land (Mexico & SW U.S.)
Low Pressure
Parts or Descriptions of Continental Polar Air Masses. Forms over Land (Northern Canada)
High Pressure
What is a Warm Front? Warm air rises up over cold air mass resulting in showers and gentle rain.
What is a Cold Front? Cold air mass sinks under warm air mass resulting in thunderstorms and heavy precipitation.
What is a Stationary Front? A front that stalls and remains in one place resulting in precipitation for days.
What is an Occluded Front? Forms when a warm air mass is caught between two colder air masses resulting in cooler temps, lots of rain and snow.

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