Sections 3 & 4

Question Answer
What type of atmospheric conditions produces thunderstorms? Warm moist air near Earth's surface and an unstable atmosphere.
What type of cloud might produce a thunderstorm? Cumulonimbus Cloud.
Three places where lightning might happen. 1. Between two clouds.
2. Between Earth and a cloud.
3. Between 2 Parts of the Same cloud.
Four dangerous conditions that severe thunderstorms can produce. 1. High Winds
2. Hail
3. Flash Floods
4. Tornadoes
What percentage of thunderstorms do tornadoes occur in? 1%
What is the relationship between a funnel cloud and a tornado? Funnel clouds are the beginnings or tornados.
What causes a column of air spinning like a roll of toilet paper to turn to a vertical position? Strong updrafts of air.
What happens when spinning columns air moves to the bottom of the cumulonimbus cloud? The formation of a funnel cloud.
Why do most tornadoes in the US happen in the spring and early summer? Cold dry air from Canada meets Tropical air.
Why are tornadoes able to cause so much damage? Spinning winds that act as a vacuum.
Why do hurricanes not happen in higher latitudes? The water is too cold.
What causes a group of thunderstorms to become a hurricane? Winds moving in different directions cause the storms to spin.
What is the fuel or energy of hurricanes? Condensation of Water.
Why does contact with land cause hurricanes to fall apart? They lose their energy source.
Two ways hurricanes cause damage. High winds and Flooding.
Weather balloon carry equipment that measures three things. Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure.
How do weather balloons communicate with weather stations on the ground? Radio Transmitters.
The liquid in thermometers moves up glass tube as the temperature _______________. Increases
Where does the National Weather Service get info for its weather maps? Obtains info from over 1000 weather stations across the US.
What is a representation of a weather station on a map called? Station Model.
The lines on a weather map that connects points of equal pressure are called _____________. Isobars

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