Sections 3,4: Life

Question Answer
The idea that living things come from nonliving things is known as what? spontaneous generation
The theory that living things only come from other living things is know as what? biogenesis
Who suggested that the Earth's early atmosphere had no oxygen but was made up of the gases ammonia, hydrogen, methane, and water vapor? Alexander I. Oparin
Placing similar items together is called what? Classification
The evolutionary history of an organism, or how it has changed over time is known as what? Phylogeny
Who developed a new system of grouping organisms with similar structures? Carolus Linnaeus
Who observed living things and decided that any organism could be classified as a plant or an animal? Aristotle
What is the first and largest category in the classification system? kingdom
What is the smallest category in the classification system? species
What is the two-word naming system that Linnaeus used to name various species? binomial nomenclature
What is a group of similar species called? genus
A detailed list of identifying characteristics that includes scientific names is called what? dichotomous key
What type of key has brackets that end up looking like a tournament bracket? parallel key
What is our scientific name? Homo sapien
What language are scientific names in? Latin
The work of Louis Pasteur disproved what theory? spontaneous generation
Scientists today classify organisms into how many kingdoms? 6
What did Redi place in jars to observe and prove that living things did not come from unliving things? meat
Who disproved spontaneous generation by boiling broth in s-necked flasks that were open to the air? Louis Pasteur
What did John Needham put in flasks to observe? broth
Who used boiled broth in flasks and found that only the flasks he opened became cloudy with contamination? Spallanzani
What are the two parts of a scientific name? genus and species
Will boiled broth kept in a sealed flask for one month contain oganisms? no

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