Selecting The Best Contractor With Gvcd Management Committee Construction Essay

GVCD should engage experienced sub-contractor with similar undertakings either in East or West Malaysia. In order acquiring experient contractor, thorough choice standards need to be practised instead than merely holding good relationship with higher direction of chief contractor despite old experience and monetary value offered. Current contractors usually tend to follow a myopic policy with respect to engaging qualified and experience staff in order to cut costs ( Mohan R. Manavazhi & A ; Adhikari, 2002 ) . Furthermore, acquiring the most out of the qualified staff, the house by and large made them responsible for excessively many undertakings running at the same time, therefore drastically cut downing their effectivity. The selected sub-contractor must guarantee holding adequate and available equipment. Equipment mobilisation from West to East Malaysia, or peculiarly from Beufort, Sabah to Miri, Sarawak is dearly-won, and this may increase the undertaking budget ( to include here or other parity? ) . In this instance survey, GVCD direction commission must make unfastened stamp via thorough choice procedure and eventually choose the right, experienced contractor with good path record before awarded.

Poor in Decision Making

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Selecting The Best Contractor With Gvcd Management Committee Construction Essay
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A direction commission required to be formed anterior choosing a good sub-contractor particularly for new and unfamiliar site like Miri, Sarawak. We discovered that merely one manager taking his veto power to urge Eltat to manage the undertaking despite many ailments and concern received based on old experience. In Appendix XX ( SOP ) , at least 2 citations from sub-contractor plants must be used as comparing record before citation rating. However, GVCD did non rehearse this. In industry best practise, 3 minimal citations must be attained before commission made determination and Letter of Award be given. If holds caused by sub-contractors due to contract difference, legal class of action must be taken and this have to be clearly spelled out in the contract understanding. For recommendation, following new attack to undertaking such as design-build and building direction ( Abdalla M. Odeh & A ; Battaineh, 2002 ) might cut down such holds by restricting proprietor intervention, bettering the design, and contractual relationships among all parties in the undertaking. To include points & A ; % from Hani ( to discourse subsequently )

Subcontractors Inability to Meet Schedule

Why Eltat canaa‚¬a„?t meet the agenda been set? Few factors need to be considered ; either Eltat besides holding many undertakings to finish at the same clip or less precedence given to Miri undertaking due to low cost budget allotment, or they are non committed and responsible in managing staff welfare/needs or might be other grounds. In order to avoid this, punishments for non get downing or finishing undertaking on clip may assist. The contract understanding must hold this clause and all parties must adhere to. As chief contractor, GVCD must ever acquiring to cognize their sub-contractors really good, understand what they do, pass on often and clearly with them about the deadlines. The Undertaking Manager must regular make on-site checking on hebdomadal footing instead than monthly having advancement study, biweekly claim and day-to-day manpower issues from sub-contractor. Meanwhile he must guarantee all undertakings program and assign for that twenty-four hours or hebdomad been completed, else the workers must make overtime within the stipulated clip agreed. A survey done by ( Murali Sambasivan & A ; Soon, 2007 ) , as they had suggested prescriptions for the contractors to take up the occupation merely which when they have sufficient expertness, able to supply site-managers for the smooth executing of work, plan the work decently and supply the full agenda to the clients and must do certain they have a sound fiscal backup.

Deficit of Workers

Site Supervisor must besides guarantee that the worker on displacement must be on site on day-to-day footing despite alibis mentioned in Analysis portion ( do we hold ) ? . Whenever sub-contractor fail to run into this demand, a backup program is needed as illustration provide local workers with market rate, back-up 2 or more experience sub-contractors or internal workers from the chief contractor. Weekly meeting whether on-site or off-site is a must together with relevant parties to look into and decide current issues instead than wait till terminal of the month. Disciplinary action must be taken to guarantee all staff is coming on site to finish their assign responsibility, else salary to be deducted and punishment must be given to the sub-contractor. A good Undertaking Manager has to guarantee all resources are plan adequately most of the clip. As mentioned by ( Enshassi, Al-Najjar, & A ; Kumaraswamy, 2009 ) , contractors are recommended to hold adequate and qualified staff with appropriate experiences to enable them follows different proficient and managerial facets of the undertaking. The undertaking will be more effectual ( right word ) ? if they include adequate and appropriate applied scientists, technicians, and chiefs so that duties would be shared.

Weak Company Regulations

Harmonizing to ( Abdalla M. Odeh & A ; Battaineh, 2002 ) , there are many factors causes holds in building undertakings such as proprietor intervention, unequal contractor experience, funding and payments, labour productiveness, slow determination devising, and improper planning. Proper and careful planning is necessity prior the undertaking kick off. Get occupied contractors, sub-contractors and proprietors to hold common understanding on outlook and the in agreement agenda. Undertaking Manager must at least get a working cognition accomplishment every bit much as possible on the occupation done. Spend clip with sub-contractors more and seek to understand of what they do and work out any ad hoc job on the topographic point. Site review on regular footing is of import to avoid any enlistments that may happen. This is besides to guarantee that the undertaking is running on clip as expected. In Miri undertaking, GVCD merely noticed the undertaking been delayed after 3 months operations where this can be avoided if proper undertaking direction do hold regular biweekly on-site cheque up, and supply hebdomadal advancement study to direction alternatively of monthly. GVCD need to revise the current Quality Manual to hold thorough undertaking direction and control process in monitoring and measuring their suppliers/sub-contractors.

Weather Condition

Delaies within building undertakings are common. Delaies due to inclement conditions conditions are planned for. The location of the undertaking, type of work, and clip of the twelvemonth in which the work to be executed plays an of import function in quantifying the allowance to be made for conditions in contract programmes. It might due to material transportation from other parts of the states/countries could be affected by conditions. Pouring concrete or painting outside the edifice can be delayed due to rain. Therefore, contractor must necessitate to factor in excess clip in the undertaking timeline such as taking overtime in the weekend or finish the assigned undertakings after 5pm. The bottom line is to be after for unexpected. Be a good Undertaking Manager and take history for possible holds in the agenda. For our Miri instance survey, GVCD did had proper program on paper for its day-to-day undertaking in conformity to endure conditions nevertheless the Project Manager didnaa‚¬a„?t allocate excess clip if there any hold of completion undertaking for that hebdomad due to weather job.


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