Self-Awareness in Childcare


In this study the writer discusses the importance of self-awareness, effectual interpersonal accomplishments and the rights of the kid all within an ECCE scene.

It besides outlines how of import it is to pass on efficaciously with kids, households of the kids and work co-workers.

It gives illustrations of effectual teamwork and how to keep a quality ECCE environment that complies with the ordinances and criterions of Aistear.

The Importance of Self Awareness and Effective Interpersonal Skills in an ECCE scene:

Self-awareness is of import within an ECCE scene as it allows you as a child care practician to cognize your failings, strengths, personality, beliefs, and besides allows you to reflect on different state of affairss. You will be looked up to by kids from all different age groups and you need to be a good function theoretical account and have the realization of when to alter the temper or possibly even your organic structure linguistic communication to accommodate the current environment.

Through utilizing self-awareness techniques it allows you to look at yourself through other people’s eyes and so to possibly do alterations about yourself to accommodate your professional function within the ECCE scene. Self-awareness is important as how you handle yourself when covering with kids will somewhat differ to how you represent yourself when covering with their parents or co-workers.

Interpersonal Skills play a large factor within an ECCE scene as it is a cardinal function of all child care practicians. To be able to pass on efficaciously with kids, parents and co-workers makes the occupation in manus easier to accomplish. Some valuable stairss to holding good interpersonal accomplishments are:

  • Always smile as this gives off good energy and makes people comfy and happy to be in your company.
  • Always try to be positive and promoting with all people within the workplace i.e. with kids and grownups.
  • Ensure to take clip to listen and detect peoples behaviors or actions, this will enable you to acquire to cognize and understand people on a more personal degree.
  • Always try to shoot a merriment atmosphere within an ECCE scene as this gives an overall feel good factor and makes the environment a more gratifying topographic point.

The Rights of the kid in the context of an ECCE scene:

The United Nations convention on the rights of the child statute law came approximately in acknowledgment of the importance for kids to be respected and valued. This piece of statute law helps us necessitate a recommended criterion within the ECCE scene.

The followers will sketch some illustrations:

  • To keep children’s right to privacy and self-respect ever guarantee when altering a child’s crisp to make so within the private crisp altering country or if a kid should hold a lavatory accident ever do certain to cover them up be every bit discreet as possible to avoid embarrassment and keep the child’s self-respect. This links in with the UNCRC statute law article 16 which says that kids have the right to privateness.
  • Keeping safety within the ECCE scene is a really important measure and is carried out in many different ways through door doorbells, CCTV systems, following the recommended kid to adult ratio and Garda vetting of all staff. This links in with article 19 within the UNCRC statute law which states all kids should be decently cared for.
  • Any handicapped kid fall ining an ECCE scene should hold their demands catered for and be able to take part freely and independently within the scene. E.g. if a kid is in a wheel chair the child care puting should guarantee everything is easy accessible and at the child’s degree so he/she can utilize installations and playthings at their leisure. This links in with article 23 in the UNCRC statute law.

Communicating efficaciously with the kids, household and co-workers:

  • Most childcare practicians realise the importance of holding a good relationship with a Childs parents. Working with, affecting and informing parents in the day-to-day activities of their kids helps to brace a good relationship and partnership between both parties. We should ever guarantee to do parents experience welcome through holding parent yearss and informing them of mileposts and patterned advance with their kids we can implement this through parent instructor meetings to put down a specific allocated clip to discourse the child’s development.
  • Communication with the child/children within the ECCE scene is our figure one precedence as the kid is our chief concern so looking out for their wellness and safety, their felicity and over all well-being is important. To guarantee a high quality degree of communicating is enforced it is up to us to ever listen to a kid with our ears every bit good as our eyes, to ever come down to their degree when talking to them and most of import to do certain they feel comfy and safe in your presence.
  • Communicating with your work co-workers is a must as everyone needs to cognize what everyone else is making to guarantee a smooth running of the Centre. It is up to each child care practician to hold a good apprehension of the workplace regulations and constabularies so everyone is bring downing the same constabularies throughout. This can be done through make fulling out signifiers accurately and ever guaranting to inform your co-workers of any major incidents like if a kid falls or you have administered a kid with medical specialty.

Examples of effectual teamwork:

Administering Medicineis one illustration where teamwork within the ECCE scene is indispensable as if you do non pass on with your squad members that you have administered a kid with their medicine the dose and the clip you administered the medicine it could take to a kid being over dosed or non acquiring the right sum at the right clip.

Planing an excursion withinthe ECCE puting involves a batch of teamwork and planning. Through teamwork everyone knows what is expected of them and their function throughout the outing to guarantee all of the children’s safety and well-being demands are catered for. Team members will be involved in the issue of permission faux pass, booking a coach, guaranting the right child- grownup ratio is enforced and possibly a spot of brainstorming on the events that will take topographic point on the twenty-four hours.

Puting an End of Year Concerttogether besides involves a batch of teamwork as everyone will work together to pick out functions, costumes, music and subjects for the kids. There will be informing of the concert to the households of the kids involved. Then there will be guaranting that the concert runs harmonizing to program in conformity with the concert programme. The squad members will be on manus to assist or reassure the kids throughout the public presentation.

Child protectioninstances that may originate is one great advantage when it comes to teamwork. This allows you to garner information and relay it back to your squad members where they in bend will give you their sentiment or advice on the state of affairs and so as a squad ye will do a corporate determination on what action if any is needed.

Keep a quality ECCE environment that complies with relevant ordinances and criterions:

Here are a few illustrations of how to keep a quality ECCE environment utilizing Aistear ordinances and criterions:

By organizing a simple activity by where a child utilizations sand to pull forms, Numberss and images allows the kid to pass on through drama and through the usage of their imaginativeness. Then to acquire the kid believing about what they drew acquire them to explicate their image while inquiring inquiries that will acquire them to believe how their image relates to life and how people can read and understand their image through the usage of ocular senses every bit good as linguistic communication. This links in with Aistear’s pass oning subject purpose 3 and larning end 3 which provinces “children will broaden their apprehension of the universe by doing sense of experiences through linguistic communication.

Another good and interesting activity to make with kids that would do them cognizant of nature and besides of wellbeing would be to do bird feeders with pieces of threading leting the kid the pace through pieces of nutrient e.g. blueberries, cheerio’s, etc. and let the kid to set the feeder out for the birds to eat. This creates great involvement in animate beings and the demand to look after them an besides gives them a good illustration of why different nutrients particularly fruit is good. This links with Aistear’s rule of acquisition and developing within a holistic demand for kids.

By acquiring the kids to take part in a household wall chart or birthday chart links in with Aistear’s subject individuality and belonging purpose 2 which provinces “children will hold a sense of individuality, where links with their household and community are acknowledged and extended.


In this study the writer states the importance of self-awareness and effectual interpersonal accomplishments along with the rights of the kid within an ECCE scene.

Notes the importance of effectual communicating with kids, households and co-workers.

Gives illustrations of effectual squad work and how to keep a quality ECCE environment that complies with relevant ordinances and criterions of Aistear.


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