Sent by Margaret Peterson Haddix Review Essay

Title: Sent Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix Text Type: Novel Date Read: January 2010 “Sent” by Margaret Peterson Haddix is the second novel in “The Missing” series. It is about four teenagers; Jonah, Chip, Alex and Katherine. In the first book “Found”, we find out that thirty-six teenagers had been stolen from history and accidently put into the twenty-first century. To fix time they have to go back to their original century. But of course, the teenagers don’t want to go back to their earlier lives they know nothing about.

When Chip and Alex are forced to be put back into the fifteenth century it is up to Jonah and Katherine to save them. I thought this novel was a bit of a letdown compared to the first book. This is because it was confusing. For example; there were tracers which show what would have happened if no one had interfered with Alex and Chip. I just couldn’t get my mind around the tracer idea which means I could never really get into the plot. In the first book there were not any tracers and it was a lot easier to follow.

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Sent by Margaret Peterson Haddix Review Essay
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This shows that someone that reads this book may not fully understand it. Therefore it is a letdown compared to the first book. A character I admire in this text was Katherine. This is because she didn’t give up on saving her friends. For example: When JB, the time traveler, tries to convince Jonah and Katherine that they could just go back to the twenty-first century and not fight in a battle to save Chip and Alex, Katherine stays confident and stands up for her friends knowing that they would want to come back too.

This is shown when she says to JB, “Chip and Alex are our friends. We’re not abandoning them. ” As a result of this she is willingly to put her own life in danger save her friends. Therefore this is why I admire Katherine. In summary “Sent” was an average novel overall. Even though it was disorientating and dragged on a bit, it provided a fun way to learn about a historical event. After reading this novel, I gained more of an understanding of the fifteenth century. I’m interested to see what the next one is like and whether it is about another event in history.


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