Serious Failures to Protect Individuals from Abuse Sample Essay

Harold Shipman graduated from Leeds school of medical specialty in 1970. and moved to Todmorden in 1974 to pattern as a GP. In 1975 he was caught hammering prescriptions for pethidine for his ain usage. and was fined ?600 and ordered to go to a drug rehabilitation clinic. For the undermentioned old ages. he worked in several impermanent occupations before procuring a place as a GP in 1977 and finally puting up his ain surgery in Hyde in 1993. Dr. Linda Reynolds of Brooke Street Surgery in Hyde reported to the medical examiner in March 1998 that she and Deborah Massey from Frank Massey and Son’s Funeral Parlour both had concerns about the high decease rate of Harold Shipman’s patients. A peculiar country of concern was the figure of cremation signifiers for aged adult females that needed to be countersigned. and Dr. Reynolds believed Harold Shipman was responsible for their deceases. The affair was brought to the attending of the constabulary. but they were unable to happen adequate grounds to imperativeness charges. The Shipman Inquiry subsequently blamed the constabulary for delegating inexperient officers to the instance. the first weakness of the governments which led to a farther 3 people being killed before Shipman was finally arrested and convicted. Shipman’s last victim was found dead at her place on 24th June 1998.

He was the last individual to see her alive. and signed her decease certification entering ‘old age’ as the cause of decease. The victim’s girl became concerned when a canvasser informed her that a will had been made by her female parent. go forthing everything to Shipman and nil to her or her kids. This was reported to the constabulary who began an probe. during which the victim’s organic structure was exhumed and found to incorporate hints of diamorphine. When look intoing other deceases that Shipman had certified. they discovered a form of him administrating deadly overdoses of diamorphine. subscribing the patient’s decease certifications and so hammering their medical records to bespeak they were in hapless wellness. The legal constructions refering wellness attention and medical specialty were modified as a consequence of the Harold Shipman Inquiry. with recommendations being made to alter the processs for bring forthing decease and cremation certifications. and the probe of decease by a medical examiner.

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Serious Failures to Protect Individuals from Abuse Sample Essay
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Had these processs been in topographic point. and checked right so Shipman would hold been unable to bring forth so many falsified decease certifications for his victims. Recommendations were besides made to alter the process for pull offing and modulating controlled drugs. with tighter controls to guarantee physicians could non stock big sums of these deadly drugs. The insecure pattern of leting Harold Shipman entree to big measures of diamorphine gave him the agencies to slay so many people. A farther study highlighted the demand for alteration in the ailments and whistle blowing process against GPs. with a call for a cardinal NHS database that contained information on all practicing physicians and a system to let staff to raise concerns. Throughout Shipman’s calling as a GP. he physically abused his victims to the point of killing more than 250 people. and financially abused victims by distorting volitions and other legal paperss. The Shipman Inquiry identified a figure of weaknesss in the system that allowed this maltreatment to go on and its recommendations were put in topographic point to guarantee this wouldn’t go on once more.

Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile was a telecasting presenter and media personality. and raised an estimated ?40million for charities. Following his decease in 2011. 100s of allegations of child sex maltreatment and colza became public. A joint study by the NSPCC. Metropolitan Police and Giving Victims a Voice stated that 450 people had made ailments against Savile. with the period of maltreatment stretching from 1955 to 2009 and the ages of victims at the clip of assault runing from 8 to 47. During his life-time he was noted for fund-raising and back uping charities and infirmaries. and was awarded an OBE in 1971 and knighted in 1990. The Guardian reported that Savile. who had raised a significant sum of money for Stoke Mandeville infirmary. ‘lived’ in a infirmary sleeping room that directors had given him and he could make as he pleased. Because of his charity work and him being a high profile public figure. he was allowed unsupervised entree to the wards and no 1 had a job with him making so as ‘all the physicians knew him’ .

About a twelvemonth after his decease in October 2012. an ITV docudrama examined the claims of sexual maltreatment against Savile which led to farther accusals of sexual maltreatment being uncovered and accusals against public organic structures for a failure of responsibility to protect persons from maltreatment and covering the incidents up because they were made against a well-respected public figure. The dirt resulted in enquiries or reappraisals across several big administrations including the BBC. the NHS. the Crown Prosecution Service and the Department of Health. There were probes as to why the CPS took the determination non to prosecute over allegations in 2009. when there were new allegations every bit good as those that dated back to the seventiess. Allegedly. the CPS advised the constabulary that no farther action should be taken because of a deficiency of grounds against Savile who was still alive at the clip. It was reported that the CPS should hold referred sex maltreatment claims to relevant bureaus. including societal services. where grounds was non deemed strong plenty for a condemnable prosecution.

There were serious failures to protect persons from maltreatment by Jimmy Savile. foremost in neglecting to take the allegations earnestly and secondly in covering them up to protect the public image of the companies Savile represented. Following the Savile Inquiry. it was reported that the kid protection system should be overhauled to guarantee vulnerable adolescents are taken earnestly when they come frontward to describe allegations of sexual or physical maltreatment. The study identified that there was a failure to recognize the marks of maltreatment and understand the long-run impact in victims. It was reported that older kids who make allegations of maltreatment are frequently non believed and are dismissed by those in authorization because of prepossessions about their old behavior or about the standing and repute of the alleged culprit. This appears to be the instance with Jimmy Savile. as he was respected for his charity work. and a public figure who worked at the BBC. The study besides noted that with the exclusion of immature babes. kids aged 14 and over are the most vulnerable to mistreat. Adolescents frequently do non recognize they are being abused. and those who do are frequently loath to unwrap it because of shame. embarrassment or misgiving of governments.


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