Seven Dynamics of Change Essay

1. PEOPLE WILL FEEL AWKWARD,ILL –AT-EASE AND SELF-CONSCIOUS :- Whenever we ask people to do things differently, you disrupt their habitual ways of doing things. This tends to make people feel awkward or uncomfortable as they struggle to eliminate the old responses and learn the new. 2. PEOPLE INITIALLY FOCUS ON WHAT THEY HAVE TO GIVE UP:- Even for positive changes such as promotions, or those that result in more autonomy or authority, people will concentrate on what they will be losing. 3.

PEOPLE WILL FEEL ALONE EVEN IF EVERYONE ELSE IS GOING THROUGH THE SAME CHANGES:- Everyone feels (or wants to feel) that their situation is unique and special. Unfortunately, this tends to increase the sense of isolation for people undergoing change. 4. PEOPLE CAN HANDLE ONLY SO MUCH CHANGE:- On a personal level, people who undergo too much change within too short a time will become dysfunctional, and in some cases may become physically sick. 5. PEOPLE ARE AT DIFFERENT LEVELS OF READINESS FOR CHANGE:- Some people thrive and change. It’s exciting to them.

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Seven Dynamics of Change Essay
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Others don’t. It’s threatening to them. Understand that any change will have supporters and people who have difficulty adapting. 6. PEOPLE WILL BE CONCERNED THAT THEY DON’T HAVE ENOUGH RESOURCES:- People perceive that change takes time and effort, even if it has the long term effect of reducing workload. 7. IF YOU TAKE THE PRESSURES OFF,PEOPLE WILL REVERT TO THEIR OLD BEHAVIOUR:- If people perceive that you are not serious about doing things the new way, they will go back to the old way. Sometimes this ill be in the open, and sometimes this will be covert.


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