Sex, Lies and Conversation Essay

In the essay, “Sex, Lies and Conversation” by Deborah Tannen, the author claims that the men more likely to talking in public place, but less at home. The women is more likely to talk to their husband at home, but do not talk in the public. We see this when the author explain the reason. She states, “In the public setting of a guest lecture, men felt challenged to show his intelligence and display his understanding of the lecture. But at home, where he has nothing to prove and no one to defend against, he is free to remain silent.

For his wife, being home means she is free from the worry that something she says might offend someone,or spark disagreement,or appear to be showing off; at home she is free to talk. ” This suggests the men likely to talk in public because they want to showing their intelligence to other people, but women feel free to talk at home because they do not have to fear about creating conflict with others. Similarly, in the piece , “ The Revolt of Mother” by Mary E. Wikins Freeman, the character Mrs. Penn does not want to say anything to his wife.

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Sex, Lies and Conversation Essay
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We see this when he was asked for the reason to built the new barn instead of the house by his wife after they finish eating at home. He states, “ “I want to know what you’re buildin’ that new barn for, father. ” wife asks. “I ain’t got nothin’ to say about it. ” men says. “It can’t be you think you need another barn? ” wife asks. “I tell ye I ain’t got nothin’ to say about it, mother; an’ I aint’s gointo say nothin’. ” men reply again. ” This suggests the wife really want to find out the reason why her husband built the new barn, but the men did not want to talk to her, he thought he do not need to give explanation to his wife.

In fact, he is building the new barn for showing off his achievement to other men in public. It also support Tannen ‘s claim that men are likely to show off his advantage to the public, and when the wife talk to the husband about her feeling or thought at home, the men do not want to say or mention anything to the wife. Therefore, the fact that men are more prefer to talk in public than at home, and women prefer to talk at home than in public is supported by both the essay and the piece.


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