Sexual education prevention Essay

Solutions to Teen Pregnancy Solutions to teen pregnancy include providing teens with sex-education programs, better access to birth control, and investing In critical after-school programs. These interventions are proven to reduce rates of teen pregnancy and Studs, and promote responsible behavior. Sexuality Education Teens must be given the information necessary to protect themselves against unintended pregnancy and Studs.

The most successful programs aimed at reducing teenage pregnancy are those targeting younger adolescents who are not yet sexually experience. The most effective programs in the U. S. Combine medically accurate information on a variety of sexuality-related issues, including abstinence, contraception, safer sex, and the risks of unprotected intercourse and how to avoid them, as well as the development of communication, negotiation, and refusal skills.

Teens who have sex education are half as likely to experience a pregnancy as those who attend abstinence-only programs (“Teen pregnancy: A,” 201 3) Educational programs are most effective when they provide accurate Information on both abstinence and contraception, are developmentally appropriate, encourage skill placement, including decision-making, assertiveness and negotiation skills as well as life skills, training and goal setting. Contraceptives Greater access to and consistent use of birth control is essential to significantly reducing the number of unplanned pregnancies and abortions in the U.

S. A recent study found that 86 percent of the recent decline in teen pregnancy rates was due to more teens using contraceptives. Highly effective methods of birth control such as the pill or the intrauterine device (DID) are more than 99% effective when used consistently and correctly, and there are encouraging studies showing the steep clines In unplanned pregnancy and abortion that can result when cost and access barriers to birth control are removed.

Teens having access to contraceptives at low cost as well as education on how to use them will help reduce teen pregnancies. Services After-school programs reduce risky behavior by involving teens in activities that provide safe settings and positive role models. One study found that the likelihood of teens having sex for the first time increases with the number of unsupervised hours teens have during a week. After-school programs help reduce the rate of teen regency by instilling good decision-making skills and positive role models In a supervised setting.

Teenage girls who play sports are more likely to delay sex, have fewer partners, and are less likely to become pregnant Focusing on High Risk Populations For tense teens at enlist rills AT pregnancy, detective prevention strategies Include improving educational and economic opportunities and/or intervening in the numerous social and psychological factors associated with sexual risk-taking. Strategies should be designed for the individual young people and need to include access to…

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