Sexual education should be eliminated in schools. Essay

The national decline in teens having sex reported by the CDC Teen Surveillance Study of 2001 from 54% to 45% means that more teens re choosing abstinence” this was said by Bruce Cook who is the founder and president of choosing the best, a company that teaches about abstinence education and focus in the physical and also emotional assets of sex. Mothers naturally have the power to persuade. If they talk to their kids about abstinence the will know the topic and its benefits and if their moms persuade them to choose it they will do it. High schooled (boys and girls) are likely to stay abstinent if they know their other tryingly Delaware of premarital sex” was one of the results that a survey made by the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. This means that parents, specifically mothers most of the time, have more power to show kids about sexual education because Is more comfortable and will actually cause more Impact and seriousness in them. Teaching about sexual education in schools make teenagers feel ready to do things they are not prepared to.

Things like having sex; in a survey made to parents a reset showed that they know it’s good that their kids are being introduced to the topic, but that they “feel it has opposite effects, it encourages promiscuity among teenagers. ” Parents should also be fully aware of how sexual educations is being attached. Schools should respect that some families have really strong religious believes that may be violated by the methods schools SE to teach sexual education.

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Sexual education should be eliminated in schools. Essay
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