Sexual Techniques Essay

SEXUAL Sexual Techniques Demetra L. Ashton University of Phoenix Sexual Techniques: The sexual techniques that are discussed in the chapter readings are masturbation and sexual fantasy. Masturbation: undeviating stimulation of the genitals through sexual self-stimulation or by means of a dildo (a penis shaped object used in sexual activity). Sexual fantasy: entertaining sexual acts in ones’ mind that may or may not have happened. The roles and connections between kissing, touching, and foreplay are: in couples kissing offers an erotic gesture towards the partner.

As far as kissing relatives are concerned there is also affectionate kissing that is only a kiss with no sexual or erotic gestures. Foreplay is just a way of describing the two as a sexual experience before or after the actual act of intercourse. Some of the viewpoints and levels of acceptance regarding masturbation range on various levels in different cultures and all over the world, biblically, even as early as the Book of Genesis (38:9-11) and the Judeo Christianity. This religion looked upon masturbation a sin and a condemnation.

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Medically, without the supervision of a doctor or midwife overseeing the act of masturbation it was considered deviant and unhealthful. If the doctor or midwife was the one doing it then it was seen as medical treatment and not an act of sexual pleasure. This was only done for health reasons and the issue was called “hysteria”. Another viewpoint is that some believed that any type of sexual expression is morally unacceptable without being married. One last view of masturbation is that it has been viewed as being psychologically dangerous.


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