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Columbia. S. C. ( June 16. 2009 ) — Boys & A ; Girls Clubs of the Midlands will host the 6th one-year Rubber Duck Race on Sunday. July 19. from 1:00 – 6:00 p. m. Hundreds will take portion in the event to back up Boys & A ; Girls Clubs of the Midlands. which operates 29 before and afterschool Clubs and serves 1000s of kids in the country. Celebrations will get down at 1:00 p. m. at Saluda Shoals Park on Bush River Road. and a no-good duck is the monetary value of admittance for each attendant.

Ducks are available for purchase in progress at Midlands-area First Citizens subdivisions or BI-LO shop locations for $ 5 each. Ducks will besides be sold at Saluda Shoals on race twenty-four hours. and ducks must be registered upon come ining the park. Attendants will bask free nutrient. games. a bounciness house and amusement followed by the duck race at 3:00 p. m. . when 100s of gum elastic ducks will be dropped into the Saluda River for an exciting race. Wining ducks will be plucked from the river at 3:30. and victors ( who must be present to win ) will be announced at 4:00 p. m.

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“The Boys & A ; Girls of the Midlands has been functioning kids in our community for more than 50 old ages. ” said Marty Patton. Senior Vice President and Columbia Market Executive for First Citizens Bank. “The Duck Race celebrates the organization’s committedness to animate and educate and all immature people and it’s a manner for the community to show its gratitude. ” “It’s an exciting twenty-four hours at Saluda Shoals. ” said Carter Clark. Chief Professional Officer with Boys & A ; Girls Clubs of the Midlands. “Our Club members and their households decidedly enjoy the Duck Race. and we’d like the community to come out and fall in us in the merriment excessively. It’s a family-friendly twenty-four hours full of activities centered around the race. We’re trusting this will be the greatest duck race yet. in award of our fiftieth day of remembrance here in the Midlands. ”

Prizes will be awarded to the winning lucky ducks. The first award is $ 1. 000. the second-place victor will have $ 500 and the third-place duck will win $ 250. All returns benefit the Boys & A ; Girls Clubs of the Midlands.

“We’re proud to patronize the Duck Race. ” said Tony Williams. BI-LO District Director for Columbia. “We want to give back to the Boys & A ; Girls Club. which has given so much to the Midlands. ”
The Duck Race is one of many activities scheduled to mark the Boys & A ; Girls Clubs of the Midlands’ fiftieth day of remembrance in 2009. Visit World Wide Web. bgcmidland. org for inside informations. Check out more Boys & A ; Girls Clubs of the Midlands Duck Race information on BGCM’s Facebook and My Space pages. Follow BGCM on Twitter: # duckrace @ BGCMidland.

For more information. contact Katie Alice Cox at ( 803 ) 227-0914 or [ electronic mail protected ]
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About Boys & A ; Girls Clubs of the Midlands: Locally. Boys & A ; Girls Clubs of the Midlands has touched the lives of over 8. 000 country kids. Our 29 Clubs see over 3. 000 kids come through their doors every hebdomad. In these Clubs. our Members find a safe topographic point where they can hold merriment and be themselves. The Clubs offer activities that highlight five nucleus countries: Character & A ; Leadership Development. Education & A ; Career Development. Health & A ; Life Skills. The Arts and Sports. Fitness & A ; Recreation. Now. more than of all time. it is of import that every kid has the chance to larn and turn in a positive ambiance. Boys & A ; Girls Clubs of the Midlands is doing that happen every twenty-four hours. one kid at a clip.


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