Short Story: Enjoy today as tomorrow will never come Essay

You go drop the kids! I do everything In the house and you can’t even do this much? ” she screamed. “Who told you to live with me anyway? Take your kids and get out of my house! ” he exclaimed. “My kids? They are our kids! ” she said. He slammed the door shut and left. My mornings always remained In a constant mood, I would wake up every morning, bright or rainy, having to listen to my parents argue. If my younger sister and I were not born, they would have been divorced ages ago.

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Short Story: Enjoy today as tomorrow will never come Essay
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Every moment I realize that my sister and I are the bond that kept my parents gather for so many years, and I would do whatever I could to keep this bond from breaking. That morning was a very rainy morning, and so after I combed my straight light brown hair, which was growing quite long now, I grabbed an umbrella and left for school. As I slowly walked to school, tears poured down my cheeks, and as soon as I realized my friend approaching me, I quickly wiped them off. “They fought again today? ” Elena asked. At that moment no words came out of my mouth, but silence said it all.

Elena was my closest friend since kindergarten, to whom I shared everything. She was a slim girl with an average height, Just like me. She had thick curly hair, which flowed slightly below her shoulders. If I were to tell the truth, she was the most nicest, friendliest person that I’ve so far met in life. She knew about the problems that I had at home, and everything else that has ever happened In my life. One thing that I absolutely loved about her, was her smile, which would be able to bring a smile on anyone’s face, which would make anyone crazy about her.

Even though she had many problems of her own, she never let her problems take away her beautiful mile. Neither of us said a word until we reached SST. Johns College, which Is the most well- known college In all of Darwin, Australia. Since Lens’s class started 10 minutes later then mine, I left her and ran up the stairs to the third floor. As I quickly walked towards my class, I bumped Into a boy whom I had never seen earlier this year, and so I figured he was new. We both quickly apologized and rushed our own ways.

I got and instead of writing down every word he said, as I usually did, I wondered about the boy that I had bumped into. There was something about him that made him me different from every other person, yet I didn’t know what this was. As I got out of class, I noticed that there wasn’t even a word written in my notebook. I went down to the cafeteria, where I usually waited for Elena, and after a few minutes I saw her walking towards me with a boy, and to my surprise it was the same boy which I had bumped into earlier today. Elena introduced both of us. This is Daniel, and Daniel, this is Aria” she said with much enthusiasm. “You? ” we both asked at the same time. Elena interrupted us by asking if we knew each other, but we told her about the incident that had happened this morning. Soon I realized that he wasn’t any different from any other person, he listened to music, he fooled around, he made silly Jokes, and then my opinion towards him changed, I didn’t like him much. After we ate a little snack, we decided to leave since we didn’t have any other classes for the rest of the day. As Elena and I walked home, she told me more about Daniel.

He had recently moved here, and was one of her friends because their parents knew each other. She also told me that he was a very Jolly person, and that he had a wonderful personality. As soon as I entered my house, I felt as though I had Just entered hell. Just like every other day, I heard shouting and screaming and I ran upstairs to my room and slammed the door shut. I grabbed my pillow and once again tears flowed out of my eyes, but by now I was used to crying, since it was a daily thing for me. I didn’t like it when my parents argued and especially when they argued over avoidable matters.

That night before I went to sleep I wished for one thing, I wished that someone would come into my life and put everything together for me, I wished for someone who would make my life worth living, but then I didn’t know that an angel had already mom into my life. The next morning when I left for school, I remembered that today I’d have to walk alone since Lens’s class wasn’t until two o’clock in the afternoon. As I walked past Lens’s house someone tapped me on my shoulder, but before turning around I wondered who it could be, and when I turned around, I saw that it was Daniel. HI, Daniel” I uttered, since I wasn’t quite sure of what to say. “HI” he replied. “You can call me Dan though”. “Oh okay” I whispered. “Fine” I answered, and quickly began to walk away. This morning I had escaped from talking to Dan, but after class finished, unfortunately I came across him again. At first I pretended as if I hadn’t seen him, but he caught up to me and grabbed my hand. That was a magical moment for me since a guy had never held my hand in such a way, but then again I came back to reality. Let my hand go” I demanded, and I tried to twist my hand out of his, but it didn’t seem to work. “What do you want? ” I asked rudely. “What’s your problem, I was Just trying to talk to you” he declared. “Why do you act as if the whole world’s burden is on your shoulders? Learn to appreciate life” he screamed. “What do you know about my life anyway ? I yelled back. “l might not know a lot about your life, but I do know that in your point of view what you have in life is very little, but if you looked from another person’s point of view, what you have is a lot” he retorted. You’ve forgotten how to smile, and instead you hate life, while you should be appreciating every second of live that you live through, because tomorrow may never come” he exclaimed. I pulled my hand out of his and ran home. I kept on thinking how wrong he was, and how whatever he said was totally wrong. What did he know about my life anyway, I groaned. After I got home, I wondered about what he had said, was it actually true? Had I actually forgotten how to smile? Did I forget to enjoy life? Soon, I realized that Dan was totally right, but how did he know me better than myself?

Then something happened, something that hadn’t happened for a long time, I smiled and fell asleep. That morning I realized that the past night I had a peaceful sleep, which I didn’t have for a long time, and since it was Saturday I got to sleep until later than usual. After I had breakfast I decided to go over to Lens’s house and ask her where Dan lived, so hat I would be able to apologize to him about yesterday. I also explained to her about what had happened the other day, and Elena decided to walk with me and I realized that he lived exactly across Elena.

I knocked on the door, unaware of what to expect, and after a few seconds Dan opened the door. He seemed to be surprised by seeing me there, and before I could say anything he said in a soft voice: “I’m sorry about what happened yesterday”. “No, no, you don’t have to be sorry. I’m the one who should actually be apologizing. For a while, I felt a little uncomfortable, but after we talked for a bit, I felt more leased, and since it was about one in the afternoon, we were invited to stay for lunch. We talked until it was late at night, and while I was with him I felt so cared for, so loved, so cherished, I felt as though I was living in a dream.

Days continued Just like this, we were either over at each other’s houses or we were somewhere together. When I was with him I was happy, he taught me to live life to the fullest. After a few months I realized that I had fallen in love, and that to for the first time in my life. I had fallen in love with the person who taught me how to love, Dan. I thought that he was the person that I had always dreamed of, and he would keep me happy. Then I decided that I should tell him how I felt and that’s also what Elena thought. The perfect opportunity in my opinion was when Dan had asked me to come with him for dinner.

That night I wore perfect clothes, which matched my shoes, I curled my hair, and did anything else I could to make that night perfect. As we got to the restaurant, and sat down, I couldn’t wait any longer because I was way to nervous. My heart started beating faster and faster. “l love you” I blurted out, but now that I had said what I was going to say I felt leveled. I waited for a response, but no words came out of his mouth, and he Just sat there shocked. After a minute or so he said something that I wasn’t ready to hear. L don’t love you” he replied. “What? … I mean why? ” I asked in trembling voice. “Well, I Just don’t. You’re Just a good friend for me and nothing more. ” he said calmly. “l don’t want to spend my life with you”. “But . .1 love you and I want to marry you. You taught me to laugh, you taught me to love, you taught me to live, and you mean the world to me, and I don’t ever want to loose you” I exclaimed with tears filling my eyes. Would you want to marry someone who doesn’t love you? ” he asserted. I suddenly got up and left, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I ran home, while the immense rain flowed over me continuously, I questioned god why he had given me so much happiness if he was going to soon replace it with sorrow. All night I cried over all the moments that I had spent with him. I felt so hurt, why did he do that to me? Before I didn’t know how to love, and now that I do, I don’t know how to forget it. Forgetting him would be completely impossible, since every time I closed my eyes I saw his face, ND every time he was far away from me I felt his presence. He had made a place for himself in my heart, a place that nobody would ever be able to replace. O much happiness that it Just gave me another reason to love him. I loved him for who he was, and I loved him for who I was when I was with him. He changed the way I looked at life, and showed me all the positive things in life, instead of the negative, which was all that I saw. I was also mad at him for what he had done but that anger was nothing compared to the love that I had for him. Slowly, a month passed by, and now I didn’t even bother to look at Dan in the eye. I didn’t talk to him or even give him a smile, yet I knew he was the one who brought such a big change into my life.

By now I had learned to live life without him, but I lived it the way he had taught me to. I even smiled and laughed at times, and I had learned the importance of life. Even though I didn’t talk to Dan, and everyone thought that I had forgotten him, I knew that somewhere in my heart I still had love for him. I walked out of class, and through the crowded hallways, when all of the sudden I saw Elena running crazily towards me. “Oh my god, you won’t believe this! ” Elena cried, if search of breath. “What? I asked in curiosity. “Dawn’s in the hospital, he has cancer, and he’s on the last stage! She exclaimed, with tears in her eyes. I was in shock, I didn’t know what to say, and slowly I broke down and fell to the floor, weeping. “Aria, this isn’t the time to cry! We’ve got to go see him before its too late” Elena We both got up and ran out of the school, and got a taxi to go to the hospital. Elena and I were so shocked to hear this but something that shocked me even more was when she told me that Dan had always known that he was getting closer to death by every second. Now that I know this, everything fitted together. Cancer was the reason why he had refused to love me.

I thought about how my life would be knowing that he’s no more in the world. As we got to the hospital, we Jumped out and ran up to where he was admitted. We saw his whole family there, with his close friends, and soon the doctor came out of the room. “How is he now? He is going to be fine, right? ” everyone bellowed, and waited for a response from the doctor. “It’s sad to say but there nothing more we can do, he’s on his final stage. He won’t be able to live much longer, 48 hours at the most” the doctor replied with much sorrow and sadness in his voice.

You can all be with him while he goes through the last moments of his life. ” his face, and he talked to us as though nothing had happened. He told me that he loved me a lot and that even when he’ll be in heaven he’ll be looking down at me. “l always want to see you happy, and never again do I want to see any tears in your eyes” Dan declared, while wiping the tears off my cheek. I will never forget his last words which were: “Laugh, Love and Live because nobody knows what tomorrow holds”. Now I regard Daniel as an angel who came into my life to teach me how to love and left Just to be remained as a memory.


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